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“Life isn’t finding yourself, life is about creating yourself.”


If you want something, you must never give up. That is my motto.

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I've always loved sport, particularly running. I grew up with horses and show jumped for Scotland as a teenager. My first job after leaving school was as a working pupil for the legendary event trainer, Gill Watson. There was always a steady flow of people, owners and horses in her yard – it was hard work and tough, but she taught me the value of great teamwork. I became Gill's first rider and started to compete. After many years with Gill,I then set up on my own, combining teaching, bringing on horses to event at GB level and competing at Badminton and Burgley many times.

In 1999 I was asked to run the New York Marathon for charity. I set off in Green Flash trainers and baggy cotton shorts – not the best kit for a marathon! I was spotted as I crossed the finishing line and asked to join a London running club. I wasn't sure if I ever wanted to run again after the Green Flash experience but I joined Shaftesbury Barnet Harriers as a complete novice. It took me a bit of time to work out what a PB was – I was too scared to ask! I competed for them at national club level at both 5k and 10k. After winning a few big races on the road, track and cross country, I was selected to represent Scotland and GB.

At school, I was really quite useless at everything except running but after I married in 2000 I decided to go back to education. I studied for a BSc and then an MSc in Sport and Psychology. This was one of my toughest challenges because of my dyslexia and failure to learn anything at school. When I was asked to become the National Junior Coach to the Irish Event team, I began to use my psychology degree in my coaching. After five years I moved on to become the assistant GB coach before taking over as head coach.

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Marriage brought four children in five years. These early years of parenthood were a blur of babies, nappies, crying and pureed squash… but my competitive journey wasn't over yet. My husband thought I could be quite good at triathlons if only I could swim. Never one to turn down a challenge, I learnt to swim at forty. While on a triathlon training club in Mallorca I asked Brent Perkins - who was to become my mentor and coach - if he would help me win a gold medal at triathlon. He said yes, even though I was still a terrible swimmer, and we formed a formidable team.

In 2019 I won three gold medals - at the World Championships in triathlon and duathlon and at the European Championships as coach to the National GB (U21) Equestrian Team.

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