The five S’s of sports training are stamina, speed, strength, skill and spirit but the great of these is spirit - which Emma has bags of!

I have worked with Emma for a number of years as her Triathlon Coach working with her to win many races which in 2019 produced two ITU World Championship wins in one of the most competitive fields in the past ten years. This was always Emma’s goal, and her focus, determination and commitment, along with her desire to be the best she can be for herself and those that she works with, made that goal achievable.

Emma’s innate understanding of the coach/client relationship, and her understanding of how to give and take instruction, has underpinned the racing successes that we have achieved since working together. A very large part of winning is being consistent not just with your training process but also with your mental approach, always looking forward is key, as is not looking back.

This has been backed by her constant desire to learn and to understand the reasons for a specific process, ensuring that she is completely involved in every aspect of her training.

As well as Emma being a great athlete, she is funny, hard working, and able to manage and juggle her training and racing and her own coaching and mentoring business alongside a very busy family life. A joy to work with!

BRENT PERKINS - Head Coach, Challenge Tri Camp (