I started sports psychology sessions with Emma when I was doing Modern Pentathlon. I always struggled with pre- race nerves and found the combined discipline of running and shooting particularly challenging. Emma gave me a really good exercise to help control my nerves - cue cards - which enabled me to focus more on the process rather than the distractions around me. My confidence in my ability to perform under pressure increased so much, which was reflected in the outcome of the combined race.

Another exercise Emma helped me with was visualisation which I used in both my equestrian and pentathlon, which I found was a very effective way of preparing for a competition whether a 200m swim or a dressage test. It helped put me in the right head space and allowed me to plan and go through the motions of the task I was about to complete.

Emma also gave me a set of building blocks to help me achieve some very clear goals. I have found this particularly useful at the moment where I am currently bringing on a young horse and have found this has given me structure and motivation even when there is a small set back!