We credit Emma with many of our successes as a school equestrian squad and are lucky enough to be able to train with her on a regular basis. Emma coaches correct riding technique, knowledge and understanding to our young riders who really enjoy her coaching style and exercises which are progressive, challenging and aimed at developing the confidence and skill required to achieve results.

Each year our students benefit from a series of comprehensive classroom pre-performance workshops specifically tailored to meet the needs of our competition riders who are keen to learn how they can compete to their optimum ability. Emma delivers fun and informative sessions which follow a progressive curriculum covering such aspects as planning, preparation and strategies, the rider's well-being and mental health, horse care and fitness programmes. Emma draws on her depth of experience as a competitor, coach and sports psychology counsellor to deliver these sessions to a range of ages and abilities.

For some of our more highly competitive sports students (Equestrian, Pentathlon, Running) Emma is able to offer 1:1 Sports Psychology Counselling sessions which supports their well-being and mental development. Students have benefited greatly from Emma's approachability, empathy, caring advice and guidance.

LORRAINE ROBERTS - Equestrian Team Manager, Leweston School (www.leweston.co.uk)